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Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist - author of so many excellent books, including 'How to Make the World Add Up' and 'The Data Detective'. Tim is, says Malcolm Gladwell, '... a genius at telling stories that illuminate our world'. Listen to his new, 'Cautionary Tales' wherever you get your podcasts. @timharford

Grace Blakeley, @graceblakeley, the author of Vulture Capitalism - Grace is the Millennial Economist, who has been called 'Tik Tok's answer to Tony Benn'

Dr. Madeleine Sumption MBE, a member of the Migration Advisory Committee. She is from Oxford's Migration Observatory, which provides impartial analysis of migration for public and policy audiences in the UK. News

...with more to come.

subject to availability. We reserve the right to amend programmes where circumstances dictate - see our T&Cs

Past Programmes

ECONOMICS BROCHURE C436 - Sept 2023 - Programme_A.png
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